Become a Powerful Leader & Speaker in Your Field

Imagine become a powerful speaker and presenter!  Just imagine having such a polish and skill that no matter what you want to train; you will stand out as the best in your field. Whether you want to teach NLP or Speacilized Kinesiology - TFH, week-end programs of your own design, corporate courses, speeches or simply command meetings effectively, Trainer’s Training will give you the confidence to present with professionalism and dynamism.  It's is the natural progression for you now to take your life to the next level and play a higher game.





When you take the NLP Trainer’s Training you will be THE BEST Presenter/Speaker you can be!  If you want to live to be an insiration to others then this program will provide you the opportunity to master all that NLP has to offer and make positive strides towards a more successful future. And what you learn is sure to inspire and motivate you, and others, to achieve your goals. The power is in your hands!


If you are wondering if this is you then let us ask you a few questions:


  • Do you ever wish you had the courage and SKILLS to STAND UP In front of people and ‘TAKE THE ROOM?

  • Is your fear of public speaking holding you back from being your best and helping others?

  • Are you looking for a new career as an NLP Trainer?

  • Are you looking for the ultimate personal development course?

  • Are you already a trainer in your field and want to take your trainings to the next level?

  • Do you want to stretch yourself?

  • Do you want to learn how to become an inspirational presenter and learn how to present elegantly and charismatically?


If you are now saying yes to any of the above then this training is for you!


NLP Trainer’s Training is the ultimate that NLP has to offer, teaching you how to present to groups and how to function masterfully in group environments. Whilst the most direct beneficiaries may be those interested in teaching NLP themselves, the skills and behaviours you will learn are useful and applicable in a wide variety of contexts.  Whether you want to give presentations or speeches, work more efficiently in team environments, handle meetings more effectively, lead groups or conduct professional trainings, seminars or workshops, you will find this course invaluable.  In short, NLP Trainer’s Training is the difference between being a good presenter and an industry leading presenter.


This entire training is based upon guiding you, step by step, through a supportive and enjoyable process. Therefore, you can learn and experience just how to turn any fear you may have into excitement, energy and confidence that all contribute to your success.


Some of the skills that are covered in this 18-day training include:


  • Teaching to the conscious and unconscious minds simultaneously

  • Creating moment-to-moment state control in yourself & your audience

  • Working with group processes to identify common challenges and solutions

  • Utilising and controlling energy in the room

  • Identifying unconscious leaders and gaining group rapport

  • Developing and maintaining your training state

  • Creating effective stage anchors

  • Integrating any content into a flawless format for effective presentations every time

  • Using language patterns, nested loops and multiple embedded metaphors

  • Demonstrating content as you teach

  • Expanding vocal flexibility

  • Utilising your physiology and language to empower your teaching

  • Conducting successful demonstrations and how to select subjects

  • Making future subjects easy to teach and learn by pre-teaching

  • Understanding learning and training styles

  • Training design and sequencing

  • Utilising and handling objections, questions and “hecklers”

  • Giving effective feedback

  • Training room design

  • The business of training – mission statement, business plan, marketing and advertising,

  • sales, financial statements and seminar outlines

  • Secrets of the business and tricks of the trade


Take the ultimate step towards achieving personal excellence and decide now to elevate your life to higher level. If you are serious about your next step and for more information, contact The MindBody Co and Arthur Bablis directly and you will be mentored by someone who has gone through the process personally themsleves and has a stragey and a track record of getting results  .  Arthur will personally mentor you on the path to success and ensure you are ready and that you get the most out of your NLP Trainers Training... And if you choose and our are values aligned, join us at The MindBody Co sharing our vision of making a positive difference.


"This training has been the most impactful program I have participated in over the last 18 years.  It stretched me and challenged me like no other program has.  Once I let go of my old patterns and thinking, I witnessed the mastery of this process.  I saw myself and others starting to change and blossom.  I heard myself having conversations that were inspiring people around me and I just knew that the feeling that was ignited inside was my true self that was being liberated.  This program will make a difference in your life.  You will grow emotionally & spiritually. You will become a  better presenter, a better person and a better human being. It will give you the skills you need to now become a success.  I came out of the training ready and committed to play at a higher level and within 90 days, by putting the strategies I learned in place, I earned 100K and set the foundations that generated over 250K in the following 6 months, simply by sharing the power of NLP and helping others become a better version of themselves.  I now have bigger dreams and a bigger vision.  The future is certainly exciting for my family, for myself, and for anyone that chooses to join me on this journey.  I embrace my role and my calling to share this wisdom with humility and a knowing that I have a responsibility to play my part in transforming the planet generating a ripple effect of positive change world-wide"

...  Arthur Bablis - CEO The MindBody Co


For additional information, course schedule and fees contact The MindBody Co and get started on the path of making a difference with NLP world-wide.  



"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit"... Aristotle

For more details on our Trainer's Training programs and to have your questions answered, contact us below:



"Generating a ripple effect of positive change world-wide!"












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