Imagine your life if you where living it in a way where you no longer needed to argue for your limitations or defended your limiting decisions.  It would be LIMITLESS, right?... and isn't that what we all want?


Well, If you are reading this page, then there is a likely hood that you feel there is something missing in your life or you are not quite satisfied in all areas of your life. Or you may be thinking something like “Is what I am or have now, all I am worth?”


Perhaps you find yourself getting in similar situations again and again or  keep repeating the same undesirable behavior/habit and you find yourself saying or thinking:


  • "I wish I could, but …"

  • "On one hand, I want this and the other, I want that…"

  • "If I could find a way to do…"

  • "I just can’t let it go…"

  • “I really want to…. but I just can’t help myself.”

  • "I know I should not …, but I just can’t help myself.”

  • "I just can’t do this or that – I have tried but I just can’t stop doing…"

  • "I don’t know why I feel this way…"

  • "Why do I keep doing that…"

  • "I can’t deal with it now; it’s still too painful…"

  • "I wonder how people overcome such problems…"


Does this sound like you?  If so, there a light at the end of the tunnel as they say...


You see, in reality, the chances are that you are already achieving a level of success in many areas of your life, ... and in others you are just not getting the results you would like to and you realize you are not fulfilling your potential. Personal breakthrough sessions are the opportunity to work on those areas where you would like to achieve greater success.


The Personal Breakthrough process is designed to help people overcome any perceived blocks, whether in a professional or personal situation.  Personal breakthrough sessions can help you make a quantum leap in work performance, which in turn can lead to that promotion and salary increase you have been wanting. They are also useful in helping you realize your true potential personally, professionally and financially, and ultimately help you move forward out of a temporary dip or lull that you may be finding yourself in.  Just imagine that for a minute... How important is it to you personally?  


So, If YOU ARE READY NOW to finaly breakthrough the barriers that have been holding you back from:


BEING the person that you have always wanted to be,

DOING what you need to do to get the results you want, or
HAVING the life you have always wanted to have.


Then a Personal Breakthrough Session is for you!...





A personal breakthrough session is a supercharged, intensive life coaching session.  Essentially it is like you're participating in your own one on one personal development program with your coach focusing on a particular outcome and specific context.  A sure way and a quick way to achieve the important, compelling and meaningful changes in yourself and your personal growth that you have desired for too long now.


All The MindBody Co Coaches utilize the same skills that we train our students in, some of the world’s most powerful and latest cutting edge human change technologies.  Techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®,  Hypnosis, Coaching, EFT & Specialized Kinesiology, all assist you to move yourself in the direction of your goals and desires today and get rid of the barriers that have held you back. Personal breakthrough sessions are unique and individually tailored to each client and that means we work on whatever personal changes you want to make in yourself to achieve your goals. 


Using these powerful techniques we help you remove limitations and integrate any conflicts that have been created in your mind. You are aware of your conscious values but probably not aware of the unconscious values which drive your behavior. We will work on aligning your values – conscious and unconscious – and to get you to your goal.   Like no other process, we go to the root cause of any problem and effectively ‘dig out the root of the weeds’ and plant new and positive seeds that blossom into empowerment! The approach is dynamic and all-encompassing.


At The MindBody Co we believe that all our clients have the innate strength, courage and resources required to transcend whatever they are struggling with. It is simply a matter of recovering all those seemingly lost resources while simultaneously removing all existing barriers.  This is what we beleive is what makes a personal breakthrough session different from a normal coaching session, which is the most common question we get. The answer lies in the results that you will achieve and that the Breakthrough Session is outcome and context specific.  We help you focus on Results rather than reasons, to be at Cause in your life rather than effect and ensure you take responsibility and action towards your future now.  


BOTTOM LINE, we don't buy into your bullshit.  We respect you, not the problem.  By doing, so we help you to finallly stop argueing for your limitations and defending your limiting decisions. 


Together, we discover your hidden potential and bring into your awareness of your true self. The following is a short list of what you can achieve in a Personal Breakthrough Session:


  • Increasing self confidence, work performance, motivation, efficiency, decisions making.

  • Improving self management, time management, relationships, concentration.

  • Letting go of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, phobias, hurt and guilt, among others that       harm the body and health.

  • Help people to stop smoking, lose weight, stops bad habits, doing the same things and expecting         different results.

  • Align your values to meet your goals and be more congruent in your behaviour.

  • Setting SMART goals and inserting them in your future to create an achievable compelling future.





Personal Breakthroughs vary from one client to another, depending on the nature of the issue being resolved. THEY ARE A DO WITH PROCESS RATHER THAN A DO TO PROCESS.  We work with the client rather than work on the client.  Typically, the process involves approximately 7-12 hours or more working face-to-face with you. Although this time can be tailored to suit your schedule, we prefer to have a communication once a week over a approximate period of 6 to 12 weeks.


The initial 2-3 hours involve a series of questions. Two key questions asked at the start are: “If you could come away with anything from the Personal Breakthrough session, what would it be?” & “How would you know, undeniably, that you’ve achieved your goal or that your problem/issue has disappeared?”  At the end of the questioning, the coach will be able to estimate how much more time will be required for the coaching.


A Personal Breakthrough can be a task-oriented process between sessions depending on the work to be completed by both you and the coach.  All tasks are intentionally and specifically designed to highlight the deeper layer structures of the presenting problem. The assigned tasks loosen your model of the world, to break through any conscious or unconscious resistance, and to install new skill sets and awareness. All tasks are uncomfortable in the beginning but being uncomfortable is a sign that you are growing.


In the initial session, you will be asked to complete a Detailed Personal History which is a series of questions designed to understand the far-reaching complexity and underlying nature of the problem. All subsequent sessions are uniquely designed to interrupt and eliminate the problem, providing you with new resources, new strategies and techniques, sustainable goals for the future, and the emotional and behavioral framework to achieve lasting success.


At the conclusion of your Personal Breakthrough Session, you’ll learn to look beyond the concerns that may have held you captive, and move forward toward achieving your highest aspirations. You will develop new values and new sets of beliefs about yourself that will have you moving in a direction that will produce the successful results in your life.


Who will benefit most with a Personal Breakthrough Session?


Although anyone would beneft and we could all do with a Personal Breakthrough Session, at The MindBody Co this Breakthrough Program is only offered to clients and individuals who are committed to 110% of hard work, accountability and excellence. Not all applicants are eligible for a personal breakthrough session with The MindBody Co as we ensure we only offer this service to people who want it most and are prepared to do whatever it takes to get their desired outcomes.  Is that you?


Where do we offer our services?


The MindBody Co currently provide a face-to-face service at our professional suites in Gymea & Crow Nest, Sydney, Australia. Our MindBody Co Practitioners have experience in all areas of Health & Performance Coaching . Having said that we have a network of affiliates & graduates that may be closer to you.  For individuals not from Sydney, you may be eligible to utilise the service via telephone, Video Conferencing, Skype or Zoom.  We have a program that can be devlieverd to almost anyone anywhere.


What is the investment for a Breakthrough Session?


The investment of a Personal Breakthrough Session varies from Coach to Coach and based on the personalised package tailored for each client.   Within the industry it is common for Coaches to offer a number of packages.  


You may invest anywhere from AU$1000 - $2000 for a 5 -7 hour package and anywhere from AU$2000 - $4000 for a 10-15 hour package.  For Coaches who offer indiviual sessions based on hourly rates you may find Coaches fees ranging from $300 - $500 plus more, in some cases, per hour.  This obvioulsy varies based on the Coaches experience, results and tehniques and modalities trained in.  The MindBody Co Coaches are trained at the pinnacle of the industry and are skilled in many more disciplines than most coaches.





"A Coach is someone who tells you what you dont want to hear, has you see what you dont want to see, so you can be who you've always known you can and are destined to be!"

Your Next Step:


A Personal Breakthrough Session is geared to help you achieve or overcome, increase, achieve that part of your life where you have felt unable to do yourself.  You know you are more than your current behaviour or situation. Don’t you? 

So, if by reading this page has got you excited about life and believe that you have what it takes to create a personal breakthrough for you, then make right now the time to do something about it and email us below or contact one of our MindBody Co Coaches personally.  

For more details on our Personal Breakthrough Sessions and to have your questions answered, contact us below:



"Generating a ripple effect of positive change world-wide!"












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